Recent Updates

  • Coderfaire - put one in the "win" column

    /images/dotnet.png So last weekend I decided to check out the Coderfaire and Hackathon that was held over at the Nashville School of Law. Many topics were platform agnostic (didn't matter if you did PHP or .Net) but some others were less obviously platform specific. Anyway,[.....]

  • Bootloaders, clear as mud!

    /images/android.png I have an OG Droid that I love to use, but I constantly push it to the limit, both in multi-tasking and in amount of data it needs to store, 256MB just isn't enough. I have had to have my power button repaired twice in the last two months, thankfully a loc[.....]

  • Sitefinity 4.X - not all it's cracked up to be

    /images/dotnet.png So for the last year I've been building a lot of plugin user controls (ASCX) to integrate within Sitefinity 3.7. It's a relatively nice product, pretty much everything you can think of for a major website all built in, plus some nice AJAX controls that you[.....]

  • Fragmentation in the Framework

    /images/dotnet.png There was a time years ago when if you said you were a Microsoft that meant you fit into 3 silos, C++, VB, and ASP. Then came Dot Net, there was still C++, VB mutated, and something new called C# came along. So, putting C++ aside, you could have 4 types of[.....]

  • Media Center Frustration

    /images/mce.png Well, the media center I use in the bedroom was built out with 2GB RAM, and because of some occasional freezing of the system, I got some more RAM. Guess what, replacing the system disk a month ago didn't cause any issues - no reactivation and the addition[.....]

  • Zorro, Family Channel now on DVD

    /images/tv.png Finally, after nearly 20 years this series has an authorized release of the series. I loved this show back when I was in high school, often making a run to the TV as soon as I got home from band rehearsal. It was killed far too soon, perportedly because o[.....]